Using A Platform To Throw Parties For Free

Last week, I wrote up a post on Tim Ferriss' new book, the Four Hour Body. As I mentioned, everything about the book screams national bestseller. 

Today, I opened my Google Reader to yet another reason why the Four Hour Body will sell a million copies. On the Four Hour Workweek Blog, Tim had written up a post titled:

Let me promote your product or location to millions

First of all, that is a KILLER title for a post. How could I not want to know what he has to say?

The idea is simple: to give people motivation to buy his book, Tim wants to giveaway free products and services to people who purchase multiple copies. Instead of purchasing these himself, he asks his readers whether anyone is interested in contributing their products in return for free publicity.

This is a GREAT deal for companies. If their product is selected, they'll get a HUGE amount of publicity at a very low cost. I don't think Tim's going to have any trouble having some pretty sweet giveaways…and at zero cost to him personally!

But he doesn't stop there. In addition to the free giveaways, Tim is hosting a big VIP party to generate buzz. He wants to hold it at a swanky venue, but these places are usually really expensive.

The solution? Tim will guarantee a tremendous amount of coverage for any venue that is willing to host the event at little to no cost. He even has a little application form on the site to submit details on your ballroom or nightclub. 

Basically, Tim Ferriss has successfully gotten companies to give him free stuff that will help him promote his own book. Nicely done =).

How did he manage this? It's simple: Tim has a platform. A platform is simply a means by which you can reach a large, engaged audience. It can be television, a book, a radio show, or a blog, but the key is that you need to have a group of people who are responsive and involved. 

You can always generate money if you have a great platform. Guys like Ramit Sethi are making money hand over fist with the products he's created. Pat Flynn often makes more than five figures a month from his personal blog. 

But the only reason they're doing so well is because they spent time cultivating their brand. 

What goes around comes around…and sometimes in a good way. Create something that influences people positively, and you will have constructed a platform that can carry you the rest of your life.

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  1. senshimo says:

    I tried going to that link on Tim's website, but it looks like he had already moved it.  I wonder who won?

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