TME Podcast Episode 003: Rapidly Building A Profitable Internet Presence with Tyler Tervooren

Today’s episode of the TME Podcast features Tyler Tervooren from the Advanced Riskology blog. Tyler caught my attention because of his meteoric rise from unknown to big-time blogger; in its first few months, Advanced Riskology has managed to grow from a few readers to more than 2,000 subscribers.

Tyler has also monetized his traffic effectively through the launch of his flagship product, the Guerilla Influence Formula, which teaches you his step-by-step process for building a huge audience. Tyler provides a “1,000 subscriber guarantee,” which means that if you don’t get 1,000 subscribers to your blog within 12 months, he’ll refund 100% of your money.

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • Tyler’s motivation to start Advanced Riskology
  • His long-term vision for the blog
  • Some of his “ninja tactics” for building an audience
  • Specific numbers behind the success of his Guerilla Influence Formula

Listen to the podcast or watch the video below. You can also download the MP3 audio file here. 

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