TME Podcast 004: Outsourcing and Personal Branding With Tyrone Shum

In today's episode of the TME Podcast, I am pleased to have Tyrone Shum from Mass Outsource. Tyrone is an up-and-coming blogger, internet marketer, and all-around cool guy. Like Chris Ducker, who was a guest on a previous episode, Tyrone is also an expert and leading authority on effective outsourcing practices. 

As I show in my own monthly reports, outsourcing really is one of the best ways to quickly and affordably scale your business, no matter what your industry or focus, and Tyrone has a lot of great insights on how to successfully build your own operation.

But Tyrone also has some very interesting thoughts on personal branding. In just the last couple of years, Tyrone has quickly gone from an unknown to a leading expert within his niche. He has gotten to the point where people are willing to pay him lots of money for his expertise, and I was intrigued on how he built the right relationships to get him to this point so quickly.

In this episode, Tyrone and I talk about:

  • How to develop, manage, and retain a great outsourcing team
  • The techniques Tyrone used to cultivate his personal online brand
  • Some of the projects Tyrone has going forward in building diversified streams of income.


Untitled from Vik Tantry on Vimeo.

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