How To Reinvent Yourself

Rewind to the end of 2000. Vice President Al Gore had just lost the closest Presidential race in history. Afterwards, he reportedly went into a state of depression. The struggle for him was “what now?” After all, when you’ve gotten so close to something so big, what else is there to do? It was really the ultimate identity crisis.

Many people thought he would run again in 2004 – “Al Gore isn’t a quitter” they said. As it turned out “quitting” on the presidency might have been the most personally rewarding decision he ever made.

Gore soon took a faculty position at Columbia University. He grew out a beard, taught a few classes, and generally seemed relaxed and happier in media interviews than he had been during the grueling Presidential Election.

He spent his time testing the waters in a wide variety of interests and potential projects. In late 2002, he announced he wouldn’t run for President in 2004, choosing instead to focus on his increased interest in the environment.

Once Gore had figured out his post-White House passion, he used his considerable media pull to maximize environmental awareness. In 2006, Gore released a documentary – “An Inconvenient Truth” – about the environment, which ultimately won him an Academy Award – and in 2007, Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental efforts.

It’s never easy to reinvent yourself – especially if you have spent your entire life doing one thing – but Al Gore figured it out. It would have been easy for him to just retire; instead, he chose to adapt to the new realities of his life – and ended up making a big impact.

Whether you agree with him or not, we can all learn something from this. Being able to adapt and thrive will put in an amazing position to reinvent yourself, build your personal brand, and ultimately make the kind of money you deserve.

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