How to Go From Unknown to Authority Figure in Three Easy Steps

We all want to be the best at something. It’s human nature to desire respect and admiration. It’s also important for succeeding in business and in life.

The big rewards go to the best of the best. This is because when you are the best at something, you instantly become an “expert.” People will pay you for this expertise, and you can make a fine living doing something you are great at and hopefully enjoy.

Fifty years ago, only a few people could be the best at anything. Today, there are so many markets, so many unique niches – there are more opportunities for individuals to be “world class” than ever before.

Step 1: Figure out your passion

As a general rule, it’s a lot easier to excel if you truly believe in something. This requires introspection. Take some time to figure out who you are and what makes you “tick.”

One great example of a new authority is Ramit Sethi, author of the bestselling “I Will Teach You To Be Rich.” Ramit had been passionate about personal finance ever since his high school days, when he lost $1,000 in bad investments. Back in 2004, Ramit had a vision: top notch personal finance information targeted at a younger audience. Most personal finance books were really dull; why couldn’t the same information be presented in a more entertaining way? This passion is what drove him to long-term success.

Today, Ramit's making a ton of money off of his personal brand: here's a post I wrote on how he's achieving it.

Step 2: Figure out a unique market for your passion:

Who is your audience? How can you earn money doing what you do? Take time to evaluate the different options and conduct a few experiments if necessary. You don’t want to invest in becoming the world’s best ice fisher only to realize that there’s no market for your skills.

One of the best ways to find a market is to identify a “pain point.” A pain point is a problem that needs to be solved. Find these problems, and find out the market that suffers from them. Then, come up with a unique solution.

This was the exact principle that helped David DeAngelo become a “guru” on the art of dating. Over the last decade, David DeAngelo has dated some of the most eligible women in the world…even though he’s pretty average guy. He quickly realized that there was a large market of “average guys” who wanted to know how to date better.

DeAngelo capitalized on this by launching Double Your Dating, a series of information products designed to help men interact better with women. It was a huge success and quickly made DeAngelo a multimillionaire.

Step 3: Build Credibility

There are so many so-called “experts” out there that people have become very skeptical about who’s real and who is not. You need to let people know why they should bother listening to you.

The best way to achieve this is by letting them know your successes. Dean Graziosi is a successful real estate investor who has made a second fortune by selling information products on how to make money through real estate. In all of his promotional materials, he does a clear job of explaining his humble origins, his successes as a self-made millionaire, and the value of his secret to success. Potential customers are much more likely to buy his materials when they see him driving a Mercedes to and from his many properties.

How do you plan to become an authority? Please share in the comments.

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