Generate More Buzz By Being Vague: The Power Of The “WTF Effect” (Finish)

Have you ever seen something – a book title perhaps, or a name of a new artist, and said “WTF?”

I have. It happens all the time. And guess what? It works.

We are trained to think that clarity is a good thing. But in reality, being vague is what generates initial buzz. Take a look at this title:

Every Monster Has A Big Shadow


Exactly. We have no idea what this means, so we want to click through. This is one of Seth Godin’s classic posts: short, to the point, with a killer title.

Notice that there are more than 550 retweets of this post. Vagueness sells.

Here's another good one:

The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen (And Weapons Of Mass Destruction)

This title makes no sense at all. Don't we want to PREVENT bad things from happening? And what do weapons of mass destruction have to do with anything?

I first saw this title in my twitter feed. Naturally, I was curious, so I clicked through. Did you?

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