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TME Podcast 004: Outsourcing and Personal Branding With Tyrone Shum

In today's episode of the TME Podcast, I am pleased to have Tyrone Shum from Mass Outsource. Tyrone is an up-and-coming blogger, internet marketer, and all-around cool guy. Like Chris Ducker, who was a guest on a previous episode, Tyrone is also an expert and leading authority on effective outsourcing practices.  As I show in [...]

TME Podcast Episode 003: Rapidly Building A Profitable Internet Presence with Tyler Tervooren

Today’s episode of the TME Podcast features Tyler Tervooren from the Advanced Riskology blog. Tyler caught my attention because of his meteoric rise from unknown to big-time blogger; in its first few months, Advanced Riskology has managed to grow from a few readers to more than 2,000 subscribers. Tyler has also monetized his traffic effectively [...]

TME Podcast Episode 002: How Chris Ducker Built A Multimillion Dollar Outsourcing Empire

In today’s episode of the TME Podcast, we feature Chris Ducker, who owns and operates the Live2Sell group, an outsourcing company that employees more than 250 employees in the Philippines. Last year, Chris started the Virtual Business Lifestyle blog to document his journey of becoming a “Virtual CEO” by the end of 2010. Over the [...]

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Like Chasing A Hot Girl

Welcome to the first episode of the brand new podcast for There's Money Everywhere! This podcast was a suggestion of my good buddy Pat Flynn, who has had tremendous success in using Itunes to generate traffic and build a personal brand. Plus, I enjoy talking, so it's a win-win all around =). I'll be featuring [...]