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Making More Money By Playing to Your Strengths

I’ve been doing college counseling off-and-on for several years now, helping high-schoolers and parents navigate the difficult applications process. I recently met with the family of a high school freshman who asked a very common question: what is more important – being really well rounded or having a few key strengths? Well, having both is [...]

What We Can Learn From Facebook’s Success

In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg was an undergraduate at Harvard University looking to start the next great internet company. Like many successful entrepreneurs, he had a unique vision: to enhance communication, openness, and sharing around the globe. Even before Facebook, Zuckerberg had founded several web enterprises, including an online version of the board game “Risk” and [...]

The Difference between Passion and Drive

My friend Lisa is a professional musician. She practices and performs more than 60 hours a week, all for very little money. She is a very intelligent person who could probably have a much more secure job, but in her own words she “loves what she does.” I have another friend, Maggie, who is a [...]

How Sunk Costs Can Leave Us Broke And Miserable

A few weeks ago, I was planning on going to a rock concert with a few of my friends. One of my favorite bands was playing and I bought the tickets more than six months in advance. I was really excited…until I got a fever the day of the show. At first, I was angry. [...]