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Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Control

Happy holidays everyone! To many people, the holidays are a time of great stress, and today I'd like to share a little story about how you can reduce your stress and free up your energy for the things that really matter. Several months back, I was helping a high school student through the college admissions [...]

5 Business Lessons From Wikileaks

Wikileaks – terrorist organization, or advocates of free expression? Earlier this year, Wikileaks leaked hundreds of thousands of confidential government documents, garnering a ton of mainstream media attention. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Wikileaks. But what interested me most was how a tiny organization with almost no financial support could generate such publicity. The more I read, [...]

Why 16 Year Old Rob Rammuny Dropped Out Of School

This past November, my friend Rob Rammuny decided to drop out of high school to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. He is 16 years old. To many people, this might sound crazy. What about education? What about getting a job and being successful? But Rob isn't your typical high school student. In fact, he [...]

How to Profit from the Talent to Demand Ratio

I’m a big fan of business history; I really enjoy reading stories about up-and-coming entrepreneurs – everyone from Walt Disney to Steve Jobs. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about one question: is there a common thread – a “secret sauce” that allows these enterprising people to be so successful in different fields? There are [...]

How To Fail Before You Begin

Sometimes it’s best to fail before you start. Several years ago, I had a vision: to build my own independent record label. I’d always been passionate about both music and business – what better way to combine the two? I decided to call one of my friends – Sachin Rekhi – for advice. Sachin had [...]

Lessons From Meeting Pat Flynn And Erica Douglass

I was down in San Diego last week, visiting my brother at UCSD. While there, I decided to see if I could meet up with two of the more influential business bloggers – Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income and Erica Douglass at Erica.biz. I have been following both Pat and Erica for awhile now [...]

The Definitive Guide to Staying Productive and Motivated

RRRRRINNGGGG! Its 7:00 AM. I put my head over my pillow to drone out the noise. RRRRINNNNNGGGGG – there it goes again! Ah, I really don’t want to get up and go to work today… Sleepily, I wander over to the shower. I jump out, put on some clothes, grab some breakfast, and head off [...]

Taking Risks While You’re Young

I was visiting my alma mater a few months ago. While I was there, I had coffee with one of my professors. This professor is one of my heroes – he’s an authority on international law and travels around the world consulting for governments and non-profits. The cool thing was that he took a fairly [...]

Using A Platform To Throw Parties For Free

Last week, I wrote up a post on Tim Ferriss' new book, the Four Hour Body. As I mentioned, everything about the book screams national bestseller.  Today, I opened my Google Reader to yet another reason why the Four Hour Body will sell a million copies. On the Four Hour Workweek Blog, Tim had written up [...]

Making More Money By Playing to Your Strengths

I’ve been doing college counseling off-and-on for several years now, helping high-schoolers and parents navigate the difficult applications process. I recently met with the family of a high school freshman who asked a very common question: what is more important – being really well rounded or having a few key strengths? Well, having both is [...]