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Make More Money By Creating Awesome Viral Content

Viral content is powerful stuff. If you have an army of people promoting your offering, you don’t have to spend nearly as much money on marketing. You get free awareness, which in turn boosts your profit margin. But creating viral content isn’t easy. After all, there’s so much good quality material available, so your content [...]

Why Reflection is Important

Several weeks ago I met up with a close friend for coffee. My friend is a hyper-competitive person; she works in the finance industry and puts in a lot of hours every week. We started talking about the concept of time for reflection and immediately got into an argument. My friend claimed that reflecting on [...]

How To Reinvent Yourself

Rewind to the end of 2000. Vice President Al Gore had just lost the closest Presidential race in history. Afterwards, he reportedly went into a state of depression. The struggle for him was “what now?” After all, when you’ve gotten so close to something so big, what else is there to do? It was really [...]

Why “Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough

One night back in high school, I was working on a rough draft of a paper. I had been working on this paper for awhile and was sick and tired of hammering away. How much longer did this need to go on? I read it over, thought that it was “good enough,” and headed to [...]

How Regular Guys Make Millions By Dating Supermodels

Mystery. Ross Jeffries. Neil Strauss. David DeAngelo. Are any of these names familiar? If so, you’ve probably read The Game. The Game is a book by Neil Strauss about pick-up artists, a group of men who claim to have “learnt the art of seducing any woman.” The guys featured in the book are ordinary in [...]

Don’t Let Your Ego Get in the Way

The year was 1979. Phil Jackson was working as an assistant coach for the New Jersey Nets basketball franchise. In one game, the head coach was ejected and Jackson was asked to take over. The Nets were one point ahead going into the final seconds and had possession of the ball. Jackson called a time-out [...]

How the Mighty Have Fallen

Great businesses aren’t easy to build, but what’s often harder to sustain their greatness over time. The same is true for our incomes. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have built some nice streams of cash flow. At this point, many people would sit back, relax, and let the money roll in, when in fact they [...]

Learn Search Engine Optimization From The Best of the Best

This is part of my “best of the best” series, where I link to outstanding resources from authorities on a specific money-making topic. If you have any resources or ideas for future posts, don’t hesitate to contact me. Since I started this blog, I have gotten a lot of questions about search engine optimization. This [...]

A Tale of Two Billionaire Brothers

In 1948 a young man from India was working as a gas station attendant in Aden, a small town in the Middle-Eastern country of Yemen. In 1958, the same young man returned to India to start his first company. It grew, and grew, and grew some more. In 2002, the once young man had become [...]

How the “Thinking Distortions” Cost Us Money

I was having lunch with my old boss a few weeks ago. This guy is one of my heroes; a private investor who made more than $30 million for himself through a series of disciplined investments. The interesting thing is that he’s not even that smart, or uniquely skilled. He’s not even a brilliant leader. [...]