Six Amazing Interviews That Will Change Your Life

Happy Valentine's Day!

It sucks to be single today, and if you are, I'd love to help you cheer up with some great interviews (note: you'll enjoy these even if you aren't single).

How To Promote Yourself Through Blogs: Tim Ferriss, author of the Four Hour Work Week, was an unknown just four short years ago. In this interview, he discusses his strategy to get featured on some of the most highly trafficked blogs in the world.

Turning $12 into $100,000: The story of how Sean Percival took $12 and started a "customized european license plates" company. It wasn't meant to be the next Facebook or anything, but it just goes to show that there really is money everywhere.

The "Career Renegade": Jonathan Fields has done everything from being a securities lawyer to yoga instructor, and has also written a best-selling book. I guarantee you'll feel inspired after listening to this interview.

How A 21-year old created a $38.5 million business by returning his J-Crew Clothes: Andrew Warner is the founder of a very successful events company, but he had built an amazing company in a previous life as well. Neil Patel over at Quick Sprout covers the story.

Starting An $800,000 Iphone App Business: This is a pretty amazing story about two friends who built a successful development company in less than a year…largely by outsourcing a huge chunk of their work. Pat over at Smart Passive Income is a great entrepreneur and interviewer, and this is a must-read.

How To Leverage Connections Into Business Opportunities: This is a very good interview done by my good friend Srinivas Rao over at BlogCastFm. Megan talks about how active engagement in a community has led to significant revenue streams in a fairly short time. A must-listen for any aspiring entrepreneur.

If you have other recommended interviews, please share in the comments!

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